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Sponsor a mom to receive a skilled love.

A stillbirthday-wide recognized program is called Love Steps Forward.  It’s premise is that while it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to bury one.  Our stillbirthday doulas stand ready to serve families at any hour of day or night, investing substantial resources to offer the very best and most applicable love to the family facing birth in any trimester, particularly when the beloved baby has died before birth or who is medically expected to die shortly after birth.

A gift.  A purchase in advance for doula services.  A Legacy of Love.


Choose your level of giving – beginning at a mere $5

You have an opportunity to invest in families lives for as little as $5 at a time.  You are encouraged to increase the quantity but we will humbly receive with gratitude the minimum $5 contribution.  You see, when we serve a bereaved family, we don’t do so on the premise that they were lucky enough that we had paying, live birth clients.  We serve bereaved families based on the Legacy model – that it is those who have come before them in honor of the Legacy of beloved babies, this healing village, who have through their own tears and their own love made a way that families after them could receive the gift of a certified Birth & Bereavement Doula®.  For a mere $5, or increasing increments at your selection, you make it possible for the doula to serve a bereaved family and say “you are not alone.”

Once you purchase your Love Stamps, you’re encouraged to write a love note specifically to an anonymous, bereaved mother.  Once you do, you can then upload your Love Stamps as a photo to our Love Steps Forward facebook page.

We have hundreds of doulas serving throughout the entire United States and among many countries internationally, including South Africa, Hungary, Russia, Germany and more.

There are THREE ways to designate your gift:

  • 01.} Visit the SBD doulas who have their own, independently functioning Love Steps Forward program.  Their websites are beautiful and you can purchase your Love Stamps directly from them!
  • 02.} Visit our Find a Doula page, visit the geographic location you’re most drawn to, and you can purchase your Love Stamps here, in that doula’s honor.  The gift will be directed immediately to the doula.   You can email to ensure the doula designation of your choosing.
  • 03.} Or, if you’ll like to designate a general offering, it will be received by The M0M Center, stillbirthday headquarters, and applied to the mothers we serve through The M0M Center.

Sponsor a mom at any increment of $5.  With your gift, Love Steps Forward.
Still not sure what Love Stamps do? Watch this video for a great explanation by this, so-simple-it’s-innovative way of reaching others how they need it:


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