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World Farewell Doula Day

September 12, 2015

The spring equinox brings awareness of fertility and as such, brings awareness to birth doulas, as celebrated through World Doula Day and Week, which is inspired, created and led by {http://www.worlddoulaweek.com/}.

The autumnal equinox, conversely, can bring intentional awareness and appreciation of doulas, servants, who stand at the threshold of death, grief and mourning.

Many birth doulas, including many who celebrate the joyful and purposeful festivities and events of World Doula Week, also stand at such a threshold while serving families facing {in} fertility, pregnancy-, infant-, child-, or maternal- loss and death.

And others, whose calling and passion led them to this threshold, do not have a familiarity with birth or beginning of life transitions, per se, but serve as hospice workers, nurses, or other end-of-life caregivers.

This day and its awareness is an invitation across the vast organizations, schools of training, credentialing, businesses or titles, and is simply a time set apart to honor those globally who bear witness to the Farewells of this life.

This awareness is intended to bridge us together in validation for the calling that we have received, and for the service that we bring.

You are free to use the created logo, to share thoughts, to encourage one another and to celebrate the role that we hold.

2015 DATES

Fall equinox is September 23

Michaelmas day is considered the last day of harvest, also holding poignant meaning. This day is September 29.

{regarding harvest}

{regarding the purple daisy}

Farewell Doula Day {autumn} drew from the parallels woven from World Doula Day {spring}, but is not created by the fabulous World Doula Day {spring} team. This autumnal celebration is simply a very general awareness day, with different purposes than those of the very important spring World Doula Day, which has an emphasis on supporting families in childbirth, lowering unnecessary medical interventions and restoring dignity in the childbearing and birthing family {you are invited to learn more about their invaluable mission through this link {http://www.worlddoulaweek.com/}.

A Flower For You!
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More Giveaways!
We’ll be giving away two copies of both of these books on our facebook event page on September 29!  Join the event page if you have served in any capacity through the transition of death, dying and bereavement.  This event is free and you are invited.
SBD Doula Celebrations!
Doula Referral : To celebrate, all stillbirthday credentialed doulas who refer a qualifying individual to enroll into our doula certification program in the month of September can enjoy a $25 credit to any of the following lovely organizations.  The person who completes registration within the month of September will need to mention the SBD doula by name in the narrative portion of the registration.  Stillbirthday will send the gift to the organization of your choice on your behalf:
  • The Midnight Orange
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby
  • Cutting Edge Press by Polly Perez
  • Miscarriage Blankets and More
  • Gena Kirby’s Rainbow Rebozo

Love Steps Forward Program Start Up : Any stillbirthday doula who wants to begin the Love Steps Forward program can begin in September with stillbirthday purchasing your limited use rights of the logo for your Love Steps Forward program through your doula business.  The lovely Southern Spruce created this logo which can also be purchased directly from her.


HomeComing 2016!

Stillbirthday loves opportunities to shower refreshment and offer encouragement and love to our doulas.  Please, consider joining us for HomeComing, a stillbirthday exclusive event to bring healing to the healers!  Book your reservation now!









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