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June 29, 2015

We can be touched with many, many losses and challenges on our motherhood journey.  At The M0M Center, we hold a safe space to meet, listen to and share with other mothers in our community who have been touched by similar circumstances we have been.


Please visit our events page for dates for any of the following circles. 

You are invited to all which you feel align closest to in the season you are in.


First Fridays – M0M Support

All of the following areas are very invited to be part of our First Fridays of M0M support (mothering our mourning), as well as having opportunity for very specific events, celebrations, tributes and occasions set apart for any of these areas of love.


  • Pregnancy and infant loss (by any of its names, and at any point along your journey)
  • Envision loss (might include: an unforeseen change of conception plan, birth plan, infant feeding plan, developmental diagnosis, or disruption to another personally significant experience of motherhood)
  • Child loss (might include: toddlers to teens)
  • Multi-role parenthood (might include: loss of partner, as in single, unwed, divorced mothers, or loss of other support: lack of engaged grandparents for your child/ren)
  • Mourning Doulas (if you are a doula and would like to share about your experiences of grieving for the clients you serve, this might include an unforeseen change of birth plan; we follow confidentiality guidelines that are outlined at the start of each circle session)




Second Saturdays – Maternity Support

Second Saturdays are exclusively for pregnant mothers and couples.  We look at full term, live birth options, including birth locations, professionals involved, pregnancy related issues, concerns, challenges and options, and how to incorporate personalized birthing options into any medically necessary birth plan, any birthing location and any birthing support team.



Third Thursdays – Matriarchs

Third Thursdays are for women of the eldest generations.

Matriarchs, Season One

This is a group to give space, validation, encouragement and love to elder mothers.  If your children are young adults and your own season might be defined as peri-menopausal, this group is right for you.  Come visit and be encouraged.




Matriarchs, Season Two

We have knowledgeable support for women and couples entering into the later season who are facing the practicalities and legalities of entering into your final season and facing such things as will writing and other aspects of life transition.  All Matriarchs are invited on Third Thursdays, and this can become a great opportunity to mentor to the younger Matriarchs.


Fourth Fridays

With a  focus on child rearing, we offer maidenhood classes with an emphasis on God’s design for young women, or when we’re not having a maidenhood class, this time is open for family in general, and includes fun and relaxed open door time including board games or other activities.

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