P.A.I.L. Bucket List

June 23, 2015

I am a bereaved mother, and this summer I have decided to create my own kind of bucket list.

Things to do for my summer pail {pregnancy and infant loss} bucket list.


  • devote at least a few minutes each morning to quiet reflection
  • picnic with a friend
  • drive to a town I’ve never visited
  • try to plant something
  • try a weird flavor of bubblegum
  • pay for the person behind me
  • buy something nice just for me
  • plan something that takes longer than the summer to complete
  • forgive myself if {when} the plant wilts
  • cook a new meal




Do you have a little list of activities to bring you courage, calm or delight?

Maybe yours is a {pregnancy after infant loss} list, in which case your list might look a little different than one like mine, and that’s totally OK!

What’s your little list?


 Bouquet de fleurs ©gabbagabba

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