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June 21, 2015

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General Info:

Event Dates

SBD U Homecoming is always the last weekend of July.  Our first HomeComing weekend is Friday, July 29, and Saturday, July 30, 2016, with SBD speakers throughout the day on Saturday, July 30.
There will be fun-filled events leading up to the HomeComing taking place in communities globally!  Stay connected to our HomeComing facebook page for details!


Event Location/Venue

Please visit our Venue page for details on location, nearby lodging and more!

Activity events will be held in the Annunciation Community Center, just 5 minutes north of The M0M Center.


Event Times

The magic officially begins on Friday at 4pm!  Please visit our Program page for details!

Activity Packet for Spouses and Children

HomeComing registration is for attending individuals but we are going to provide an activity packet at our greeting table for attendees visiting the area with family.

Nearby Hotels/Accommodations

Please visit our Venue page for details on location, nearby lodging and more!

HomeComing starts at 4pm at the Annunciation Community Center and includes the option of a Lock In Friday night.  We’ll have a formal conclusion ceremony on Saturday night.



Shuttle Companions

View our Venue page for more details and a map.

Drive time between locations is all less than five minutes!  We’ll have volunteer drivers who will be able to help drive attendees:

On Friday:

  • from hotels to ACC near 4pm
  • from ACC to Jesse James Park near sunset
  • from Jesse James Park to ACC, and to hotels for those preferring not to lock in, in evening

On Saturday:

  • from hotels to ACC in morning
  • from ACC to hotels in evening


What to Wear

Wear your HomeComing tee!  See the photo below!

HomeComing draws from the idea of a collegiate celebration to bring students back together, and we at Stillbirthday University will draw from that idea with a “spirit week” of fun online activities, photos and stories that can be celebrated globally, and we’ll have a shared in-person time of encouragement and new information over the last weekend of July.  There is no formal dance, though – no formal attire at all is necessary.  In fact, our theme is removing our shoes.


Who can Register?

HomeComing is for SBD doulas, those in similar fields or related roles, and those interested in learning more about what it means to serve as a birth & bereavement doula.


Who to Bring

Homecoming is a time to be recharged as the love-bringers we are, and is a fantastic educational opportunity for credentialed SBD doulas and others alike.  The event is for individual registration, but you are bringing a friend, your spouse, your family, or any combination of the above.  However you’ll like to get here, you will first register for HomeComing itself here, and then you can select a nearby hotel and secure your lodging independently.  The activities are for registered attendees only, so please connect with your travel buddies to have a plan of sightseeing around the awesome area while you’re enjoying the extraordinary time of HomeComing!


There are no registration refunds.  In unforeseen circumstances such as disastrous weather that would cancel the event, it will be rescheduled.  Your cancellation of your registration can then be offered as a giveaway in your honor or you can sell your ticket to another individual.


Attendees and all involved forfeit any liability of stillbirthday, event planners, organizers and/or any persons involved in representing or serving stillbirthday for any injury, illness, mysterious loss/theft or damage incurred during planning, preparation, participation, travel to or from or for any incident or injury during or related to the event.


By registering, you give stillbirthday permission to include you in published photography.


Be prepared to receive amazing gifts at the SBD U Homecoming!  The most valuable partnerships with leading organizations and innovative artisans makes for a wonderful collection of valuable items both for you and for the families you serve.  Swagtacular, swagtastic swag, is what this is going to be.

VIP Attendees / SHINE Sponsors

Get to visit with special representatives of Kansas City area support!  Check out how you can become a sponsor!

Children’s Mercy Hospitals – Erin Chancy
Alexandra’s House – Patti
Bridget’s Cradles – Ashley

Are You Registered?

You’ll receive link access once you’re registered!



SBD Students/Alumi Register Here!

SBD U Student/Alumni $100


SBD Supporters and Allies!  You’re Invited Too!

SBD Supporter $200


You Can Make Payments!

Your standing as an SBD student or SBD supporter is considered at your first incremental payment.  Anyone can utilize the $25 incremental payment option and once your enrollment is complete you’ll receive access to member only info you’ll need for our wonderful event!






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