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June 21, 2015

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SBD HomeComing 2016 Theme is Please Remove Your Shoes




What does it mean to remove your shoes?
It means that we recognize that the spaces where birth and bereavement meet are holey places, where gaps in care can disrupt an already painful time.

It means that we recognize that the spaces where birth and bereavement meet are holy places, where dignity and love can bring light into otherwise impossibly dark places.

It means that we recognize that the spaces where birth and bereavement meet are wholly, that we are mindful of the seeming oxymoronic paradoxes in the journey, that the very seeming collision of such vast and complex opposites of birth and death are themselves whole places, whole stories, whole journeys.

And we who carry stillbirthday with us, carry families with us, and we hold those encounters as sacred.  And we remove our shoes, we get out of our own way, we meet families where they are, and we respond to the magnitude of the honor to do so, with reverence.

As such, we are responsible to take off our shoes from time to time, for the purpose of our own rest, to reprieve, to respite, to Come Home.  To enter into our own community and to mourn and to celebrate, collectively, as the family, that we are.



The SBD U HomeComing is an opportunity for all SBD affiliated individuals and anyone at all interested in learning more about being a doula, to come together to get to know one another and hear what we are doing in our communities to serve families.

Because you’ll never have to recertify with stillbirthday, this is a wonderful opportunity to simply gain more knowledge and to share your own specialized expertise, to gain wisdom, build connections and make friends with others on the stillbirthday team.

If you have not yet become a member of the stillbirthday team through any of our programs, you can attend HomeComing to hear all that we’re doing and to find the best path for you to join us!

  • Birth & Bereavement Doulas®
  • SBD Lactation Professionals
  • SBD Chaplains / Midwives of Thanatology
  • Love Cupboard Coordinators
  • Mentors
  • Local, State and Regional Representatives
  • Speakers
  • Faculty & Doula Advisory Team Leads
Weekend Schedule

Monday – Friday {July 25 – July 29}

  • Pre HomeComing Global Events {Legacy Week}
  • Online Instagram and other photo / written word silly, fun, inspirational events
  • Monday: slippers or other non-shoes
  • Tuesday: love-bringers are heroes.  Wear your cape.
  • Wednesday: connections, reaching toward others.  Show your hands: rings, bracelets, gloves, etc.
  • Thursday: creativity, resourcefulness, networking.  Show your signature flair, your colorful mind (or hair, hat, etc.).
  • Friday: going deep, whatever that means to you (deep water, color, place).

Friday Arrival {July 29}

  • 4pm – Friday evening Welcome Session – a special “kick off!”   {ACC}
  • Music by Amy Turpen
  • Bring a Dish** (if you can and want) – “potluck” / picnic-style  {ACC}
  • Sunset Chalk Walk  {Jesse James Park}
  • Open Visiting of The M0M Center
  • Evening and Night of Fun!  {free time}

**We have a full, commercial kitchen at the ACC.  Dessert or salad dishes are a great idea (there is a Price Chopper grocery store just a short drive from the ACC).

**If you’ll like to be part of our cookie exchange, please bring 3 dozen of your favorite home-made cookies, and we’ll exchange!  Please divide your 3 dozen into 3 different packages, so that each dozen can be given to a different person.  Please also bring the recipe if you can share it!


Regarding food and travel, as a reminder, this meal will be on July 29, so it’s possible to see some melting in baked goods in travel.  It can be fun to arrive at the ACC early to bake your cookies, or, freeze them before travel, or, purchase from a nearby shoppe.  All consumers assume liability for consumption, including allergies, but please clearly label any items that contain common food allergies such as peanuts or tree nuts.

Friday Night Lock In!

  • Feel invited to be part of our lockin Friday night!  Bring your sleeping bag or blow up mattress and pillow and we’ll stay up late chatting and bonding!  This is a way for you to save money while traveling, but there are also comfortable and affordable hotels just minutes from our event!


Saturday Learning and Getting Filled {July 30}

This is a great way to “get your feet wet” into what it means to be a stillbirthday doula

  • Saturday morning starts with self care.  {ACC}
  • 7am – The morning will lead into the afternoon with optional workshops pertaining to honoring the spaces where birth and bereavement meet.  You can simply journey through the different stations and gain wisdom and tools from the many aspects of care we’re providing.
  • Lunch/Rest Break {ACC}
  • The late afternoon will begin our special speaker presentations that we will enjoy as an entire group.
  • The evening will conclude with wonderful opportunities for us to make new friends with one another.


Saturday Morning & Afternoon Workshops / Learning Stations Include:

  • Birgit Rutz, SBD {birth & bereavement photography}
  • Lauren Bishop, SBD, Birth Professionals Speaker Liaison and Regional Director {practical support in Welcoming}
  • Heidi Faith, SBD {water, green burial}
  • Bethany Conkel, SBD, Founder of Purposeful Gift {Organ Donation}
  • Karen Dahlke {surrogacy}
  • Michelle Criss, SBD {challenges to bonding}
  • Jen Cantrell, SBD {untoward maternal outcomes}
  • Alisha Jones, SBD {creating remembrance events}



Each learning group will be able to participate in an official 4th Trimester Bodies Project group photo.  This photo will convey our absolute honor and love for stillbirthday mothers.  That you stand in the spaces where birth and bereavement meet, that we have been given the humbling honor to bear witness to you as you bear every sacred thing before us, we muster this meager message to convey to you, that we see you.  We honor you.  We love you.  We bear our own all, in hope that it might reflect just a glimpse of the beauty that you have revealed to us.  You are brave.  You are beautiful.  The legacy of your children, of your journey, impacts us, and we simply and humbly thank you.

Attendees, please pack black panties and bra.




Afternoon Everyone:

  • Deb Kacic {rebozo}
  • Heidi Faith {womb wrapping}


Evening Speakers Include:

  • Polly Perez, RN, BSN, FACCE, LCCE, CD, international lecturer, advocate, author and so much more
  • Crystal Neihoff, SBD and Chaplain (Major) Kevin Niehoff {Military Families}
  • Crystal Neihoff, SBD {chaplaincy / grandparents}
  • Steve Butler, Chaplain {chaplaincy / grandparents}
  • Kelly Gerken, SBD and Sufficient Grace Founder {surprise subject}
  • Rebekah Mitchell, Founder of M.E.N.D., Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death
  • Jamie Bodily LPC {the doula: counseling and mentoring}
  • Ashlee Wells Jackson from 4th Trimester Bodies Project


Evening Conversation / Q&A:

We’ll be addressing subjects including:

  • SBD Doula Spouse
  • Marketing / Business / Burnout / Practical Support for the SBD Doula
  • Holding our professional family tree sacred / honoring those who left an impact professionally/corporately/societally before this generation and in it
  • Navigating conflicts of this fast paced culture: abiding, endurance, integrity, obedience, and you
  • Philosophy of Abundance: how and why it works
  • Building your own nest to give birth to healing


  • Lauren Bishop
  • Rose Quintilian
  • Heidi Faith

Saturday Night Departure {July 30}

We’ll have a formal closing ceremony Saturday night.

We’ll be concluding our weekend and stepping back into the world with our new skills, connections and understanding.


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